How To Stop Fearing Your Greatness and Start Living Your Life!





Step 1: Plan Your Purpose

You must know where you are headed to have any chance of getting there. Let's develop your vision, create your blueprint for success and identify any beliefs that may be holding your back.

Here's how to ensure you have the mindset to create your dream life.

Step 2: Focus On Your Desired Results

By supercharging your awareness and changing your perspective, you will recognize which associations and habits have created the life you have now. This is key to getting the results you are looking for. Remember, (1) your beliefs create your actions; (2) your actions create your habits; and (3) your habits create your results. 


Step 3: Burn The Bridge

Put the systems in place to make it super-easy to solidify your successes and extremely difficult to return to your old habits. On the most basic level, you are burning the bridge back to your old life.

There is only forward. There is only growth. There is only greatness!

Step 4: Add A Layer Of Accountability

Accountability partners help us to do what we are supposed to do. If your house is dirty and your parents are coming to visit, you will probably clean every room you think they will see. If the CEO asks you to put a proposal together, you are going to have more effort than if a coworker made the same request.

Each of us cares what others think about us. In the wrong circumstances, this can lead to fear and paralysis. In the right situation, it can boost our motivation to continue.


Step 5: Create A Reward System

For you to successfully transform your life and conquer your fears, you must reward yourself. Think about it; if your mind believes you are removing an activity you enjoy, how likely is it to agree? For you to ease the transition into your greatness, you must show your mind it is not losing, but gaining an additional reward.

By frequently rewarding yourself, you are encouraging the continuation of your journey.


Step 6: Avoid Wandering Into The Past And The Future

Whenever your fears keep you from transforming your life, you are not living in the present moment. If you are living in the past, then you are reminding yourself of your previous mistakes. You are worried about repeating them and this can make it stressful to continue. If you are focused too much on the future, then you feel overwhelmed by all the possible outcomes.

To harness your courage and greatness, you have to allow yourself to take your transformation one-step at a time.

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Dre Griggs

About The Author

Dre is the founder of Forecast Hope. His focus is to help illuminate a path to greatness in a world driven by fear. He is the author of Champion of Change, the 7-Instrumental Laws of Change and host of the Change Blindness Podcast. His method is simple. He seeks to understand what you have and where you are. Then he discovers what you want and where you want to be. If there is any difference between the two, you have something to talk about.

When Dre is not helping people live their dream life, he is spending time with his family or reading comics and mangas.

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