5 Habits That Drain Your Focus and How to Avoid Them

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Anything that drains your mental energy is going to drain your focus.

You exert mental energy:

  • Every time make a decision

Which is why automating as much of your life as possible is so beneficial. Well, you could always choose to do everything spontaneously, but I think you understand the problems that will create. It is better to go grocery shopping with a list and to stick to it, than it is to wander around deciding whether you want it in the moment. Prepare ahead of time as much as possible, and you will find the ability to remain focused much easier.

  • When you are not being authentic

There is nothing more draining than being someone other than yourself (ties into decision-making… think about the effort it takes to lie). This is why people who make New Year Resolution’s tend to quit their resolution within a few weeks. Motivation fades as your mental energy fades and you will lost focus on your “why” for changing your life. This is why starting with your mindset is so critical. You become the person you want to be on the inside first, then the actions will come more naturally on the outside.

  • Trying to multi-task

The truth is there is no such thing as multi-tasking. It would be better described as switching between tasks very quickly. 🙂 Even though you may think you are doing it quickly, you are not doing it efficiently. If you have ever written a book, paper, or email, then you know when you are interrupted, you have reread the previous couple sentences, and may even have to restart the section you were writing.

Multi-tasking has the same results, you have to spend energy bringing yourself back to the level you just left.

  • Resisting distractions

Studies say we drain about 3–4 hours worth of mental energy avoiding distractions everyday. The top ones were related to food, leisure, sleep, and sex. The bottom is rounded out with television and social media.

Removing the distractions is ideal, but at a minimum, have a spot where you never indulged in distractions. That will keep your mind from wandering and help you save some mental energy and remain focused.

  • Taking care of yourself

I had a motorcycle for a few years in college, and that was my first vehicle that only took premium gasoline. For my motorcycle to perform properly, it needed a higher octane than your typical car. You are no different, if you are not eating food high in nutrients, exercising and taking care of yourself, you will find yourself with a much smaller energy tank and losing focus quickly.

Continued blessings,

Dre Griggs | Forecast Hope | Become the Champion of Your Life

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