Without Growth & Progress, Success Has No Meaning

Lesson of Hope:

When we set short-term goals that hinder us from growing, we are not improving. To improve requires us to grow, and to grow requires us to move towards something. That something depends on how you perceive yourself and your abilities. You may see yourself as an executive of a fortune 500 company. Each action you take should move you closer to that goal. If you invest time in an activity that does not support your growth, you could count it as an achievement; but what did you achieve? You achieved the short-term satisfaction at the expense of your long-term goal. Achievements are enjoyable, but without progressing towards your purpose, they are empty.

There is nothing more valuable than your time, and you must guard it. There is nothing wrong with saying no to a project that does not align with your ideal goal. There is nothing wrong with taking a perceived step back, in order to fulfill your purpose. Issues arise when we are chasing short-term happiness, instead of purpose. When we pursue money, fame, recognition, or power – we are missing the bigger picture. When you realize what your ideal goal is, you will be better suited to find exceptionalism. You will be comfortable saying no and “missing out” on those new ideas people send your way. You will no longer measure yourself by the expectations of others, but only against your intentions.  Happiness is but a short-term proposition. You should be continually striving towards fulfillment.

Hope in Action:

Andrew Cushman is a former chemical engineer and alpine ski instructor who found his calling in real estate. He started his company in 2007; flipping homes through the Great Recession. In 2011, he moved into apartment syndication and has grown his company by acquiring 1,646 units over the past six years. He took on projects where he renovated low-scale neighborhoods. His company would improve property values by evicting drug dealers, repairing infrastructure, and redoing the landscape. Cushman had the added bonus of the residents being impacted in a positive way by the work he was doing to improve their neighborhoods.

Cushman has learned over the years, it is easier to go big than it is to go small. The point he was making was the process is the same, whether he is working on one unit or sixty units. He would need the same approvals, the same contractors, and the same licenses, regardless of the number of units.

Cushman credits a significant portion of his success to his decision to join the mastermind group, GoBundance. By surrounding himself with like-minded and driven entrepreneurs, Cushman was able to take his company to the next level. The members would share what they learned with him, and it helped him to make decisions beyond his experience. He spoke on the difficulties he faced syndicating his first apartment. Two of his largest investors withdrew from the project, and it almost caused Cushman’s company to fail before truly beginning. Through his network, his mentor introduced him to other influencers who would help fund his first project. It is important to understand where we want to go, and what resources we need to get there. Sometimes, these resources come in the form of education. Other times, we need to invest in a mentor or building a network.

HopeSeeker’s Forecast:

PONDER: Investing in ourselves is essential to us finding fulfillment. Without developing the necessary resources, it will be difficult for us to reach our goals. CONNECT: Do you invest in your personal growth? Have you taken an online course, read a book, learned a trade, or joined a mastermind group? ACCOMPLISH: Draw two circles with a one-inch space next to each other. The circle on the left represents where you are, the circle on the right represents where you want to be. The gap is the resources you need to get there. List the resources you need and take steps to accomplish the first one.


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