A Problem Not Worth Solving

How to be liked by everyone

The desire to be liked by others is actually holding you back from accomplishing your goals.  It is much easier to be yourself and it helps you to be around the right people.

In Relationships

There was a point in time I would change my style to impress a particular person, but it never changed anything. When you get in the habit of trying to impress someone, they get in the habit of asking you to change more things.

The reality is, you already know the person does not care for you. That is why you are trying to change yourself. When I learned this, I knew they were going to change me into someone they liked.

In Friendships

As a kid, I had friends who were great dancers and that was never my cup of tea. I tried to get dance videos, practice extra hours, and everything. The thought of being cool was motivating me, but that fades over time. I realized there was nothing cooler than being myself. Scientifically speaking, being anyone but yourself is actually draining your mental energy and willpower.

What happens is you have to make a conscious decision every time you decide to act outside of your character. Each conscious decision is draining a little bit of your willpower. It is like someone who loves chocolate trying to avoid eating chocolate in a chocolate factory. Changing the essence of who you are requires constant calculating steps…. it is draining just thinking about it.

With Family

Even though your family loves you, you have to love yourself enough to be honest with them. Your parents want the best for you and they are encouraging you to be a doctor or a lawyer. It is a sound decision, but that does not make it the right decision. As difficult as the conversation can be, honesty is the best policy.

Always be willing to be yourself. You cannot worry about what other people think. If they matter, they will come around.

Continued blessings,

Undre Griggs | Forecast Hope | Be More

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