Category: Fearless Mindset

49. How Chasing Happiness Will Help You Catch Greatness

chasing happiness, catching greatness, mindset podcast

Are you chasing happiness or are you seeking greatness? While many believe if you are going for one, the other is getting away; I have come to appreciate the similarities between the two. The meaning of the words can differ from person to person, but if we see happiness in similar ways, then you are already on the path to greatness.

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47. How to Make the Change You Want for a Fulfilling Life

make the change you want, change you want, change your life, mindset podcast, live a fulfilling life

Preparation helps you transform from someone who is not sure you can create the change you want to someone who believes it is truly possible. To create the change you want in your life, you must be willing to invest significant time and resources on the front end without the promise of anything in return.

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38. Taking Risks Is An Essential Part Chasing Happiness

life without fear, taking risks, chasing happiness,

There is no such thing as a risk-free choice. Everything from your profession, to your faith, to the relationships in your life; they all start with your willingness to take risk. Discover the best approach to take action and ensure your risks have a positive impact on your life.

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