Category: Financial Freedom

71. How to become successful and change your life with Magic Johnson

magic johnson, how to become a millionaire, success, know your customer, black excellence, black wealth, black millionaires

Magic Johnson shares his best strategies that lead to his success in all walks of life. His tips will help you become a millionaire in your life.

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63. Chasing Happiness with Robert L Johnson (Restore Black Wealth)

robert l johnson, first black billionaire, black wealth, restore black wealth, BET

The first black billionaire in America was Robert L Johnson. His media company, BET focused on providing entertainment to the black community.

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48. The Best Ways to Save Money Even If You Don’t Like To Save

best ways to save money, save money, how to save money, financial freedom

In order for you to reach your financial goals, you are going to need to save money. Whether you want to save enough money for the down payment on a home, want to make sure you retire comfortably, pay off your debt, or if you want to leave a legacy for your kids.

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