Discover How To Change Your World Like MLK Changed His

MLK knew how to change the world.  His voice, his commitment, and his passion are heralded, but what techniques did he use when creating change?  Of the many, we will focus on three.

  1. You have to make decisions that show your mind you believe what you are saying.
  2. You have to start by changing yourself.
  3. Be patient

To convince yourself you can change the world, you need to make decisions that align with that belief. One of the best ways to do this is sacrifice. During the Civil Rights Movement, MLK made it clear he believed he could change race relations in America. He put his life and his family’s well-being at risk.

By his willingness to sacrifice his freedom and safely, it was clear, he believed he could change the world.

Pales in comparison, but my family eats pizza every Friday and I try to convince myself I am going to eat a healthy salad. Well, if I wanted to prove this to my mind, I should do small things throughout the day to show myself I am serious. Unfortunately, I actually do the opposite. I save calories all day so I can eat all the pizza I want. If I wanted to prove to myself I was going to change my eating habits, I would eat more during the day and only buy enough pizza for my wife and kids. By limiting my food intake, I am making it crystal clear that I plan on eating pizza.

Next, you have to create the change in yourself first.

Back to our MLK example; if you want to prove to yourself you can improve race relations, you have to treat others as if the world you want to create already exists. We have this thing where we want everyone else to change first, but MLK knew that was not going to work. His peaceful campaign looked weak to some and pure madness to others, but by him acting as if the world he wanted already existed – people were awakened to the possibility. If they did not try to vote, sit in the front of the bus, and dine-in with whites, everyone (them included) would have continued to be blind to change.

Last, you need to be patient.  Changing the world is not an easy thing.  For many, it takes a life-long commitment.  If you find yourself discouraged and giving up at the first sign of trouble, no one is going to believe you can change the world.  When you keep getting knocked down and you keep getting up, that is the sign of someone who is going to change the world.  We often start alone in our change journey, but you won’t end alone if you keep going.

There are stories of perseverance, patience, and long-suffering; and there are stories of crumbling under pressure…

What is your story going to be?

Simply put, live as though the change you desire has already occurred. That is the best way to convince yourself and others you are serious about changing the world.

Continued blessings,

Undre Griggs |Be More

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