01 Overcome Doubt and Fear Of Failure to Change Your Life

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Welcome to the Change Blindness Podcast

Most people want to change something about their life, but they are crippled by doubt and a fear of failure. In the Change Blindness Podcast, you will receive mindset changing advice and insight to help you conquer doubt and your fear of failure, so you can accomplish your resolutions and be confident in your ability to Become the Champion of Your Life.

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Change Blindness Show Notes:

  • Why I created the podcast [00:10]
  • The problem holding us back from changing our lives lies within the beliefs that we have [00:41]
  • My fascination with helping people change their lives [02:09]
  • Stay up-to-date with all of our content that is focused on helping you solve the problems keeping you from changing your life [03:24]
  • Why do you want to listen to me [04:22]
  • Podcast format, frequency, length, style and setting the overall expectations [07:18]
  • The role that doubt and a fear of failure play in all our lives [07:51]
  • A quick tip to conquer doubt before it derails you on your growth journey [09:15]
  • When we address the symptoms and not the problem that is keeping us from creating our dream life [10:10]
  • The key difference between the Change Blindness Podcast and other podcasts discussing similar topics [10:48]
  • The larger reason (my why) I want to help as many people as I can Become the Champion of Their Life.[12:39]

Popular Life Changing Quotes:

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  2. [01:56]

  3. [06:30]

  4. [07:30]

  5. [07:42]

  6. [09:00]

  7. [12:28]

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  • mgriggs1955 says:


  • mgriggs1955 says:

    Wow, wow…great insight and encouraging.
    I LOVED the podcast and I am inspired to continue on my change journey to become the “champion” of my life!
    Thank you for providing the road map.
    Excited about the upcoming podcasts!

  • mgriggs1955 says:

    Wow, wow…insightful and encouraging with helpful strategies!

  • mgriggs1955 says:

    Listening to the podcast again…I love it!

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