02 Do You Have A Fear of Failure?

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Do You Have A Fear Of Failure?

If there is something you want to change about your life and you have not changed it yet, then you are likely dealing with a fear of failure. Discover if a fear of failure is holding you back from becoming the Champion of Your Life.

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Change Blindness Show Notes:

  • What does a fear of failure look like in your life? [00:32]

  • What fear of failure sounded like in my life. [02:00]

    • There is an information gap between the life that you are currently living and the new life you are trying to create [03:06]
    • What are some of the symptoms someone may experience when they have a fear of failure? [03:52]
    • Reluctant to try new things [03:54]
    • Excess anxiety and concern over being embarrassed [04:14]
    • Procrastinate [04:24]
    • Need to know everything before starting anything new [04:55]
    • Itching that perfectionism bug [05:41]
  • How a fear of failure prolonged the launch of the Change Blindness podcast [06:12]

  • How fear of failure negatively impacts your beliefs,which negatively impacts yours actions, which negatively impacts your results [08:27]

  • Ways to overcome your fear of failure [10:02]

    • Remind yourself of what is at stake [10:11]Invest in creating a new belief system [11:18]
    • Take steps to actively create the changes you seek in your life [11:57]
    • Reevaluate the people you associate with and the information you are absorbing on a regular basis (all fears come from your life experience) [12:44]
    • Find people who have successfully maneuvered through the obstacles you are bound to face [14:32]
    • Celebrate small wins and gamify your life [16:48]

Life Changing Quotes:

  1. [01:53]

  2. [01:56]

  3. [03:42]

  4. [08:11]

  5. [08:17]

  6. [08:56]

  7. Tweet “Life is more than making an income”] [09:41]
  8. [10:51]

  9. [11:08]

  10. “The failures you have faced along your journey have taught you how to accomplish the changes that you want” [11:41]
  11. “For you to become the champion of your life, you are going to need to change the way you look at things” [12:25]
  12. [14:03]

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