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Hi, my name is Dre and I am your mindset coach and mentor of change. Today we are going to discuss how to change your life. Most professionals want to change something about their life, but they are discouraged by the fears and self doubts that their false beliefs create. That is why I created a process so that you can accomplish your goals and be confident in your ability to become the champion of your life.

Today, we are actually going to pull these seven techniques from my book Champion of Change, the 7-Instrumental Laws of Change. We are going to discuss everything you need to know from a mental, emotional, and physical perspective to be able to successfully change your life.

  1. Law of Concept
  2. Law of Consciousness
  3. Law of Checks
  4. Law of Charge
  5. Law of Character
  6. Law of Catalyst
  7. Law of Courage

The 7-Instrumentals Laws of Change

60% of the population makes a New Year’s Resolution each year. Of that 60%, did you know that less than 10% of them are able to successfully change their life? In fact, of the 60% who make a resolution each year, more than half of them will quit their resolution within 30 days of starting.

I find that when people focus too much on discipline and motivation, they end up burning out and quitting their resolution. Reason being, discipline and will-power run out because they are exhaustible resources. It is not a coincidence that most people quit their resolution within 30 days of starting.

That is why I want to share the 7-Instrumental Laws of change so they your results will be different. By implementing discipline and willpower-free approaches, you significantly increase the likelihood of you achieving you goals and getting results.

1. Law of Concept

In the law of concept: you draft your plan, focus your vision, set your intention, and spend a good amount of time researching what it takes to accomplish your goal.

Most of us have large goals that we want to accomplish in our lives. Even though that may be true, we end up spending very little time understanding what it is going to take to accomplish our goals. Dare I say, you may spend more time researching your next TV, than you do researching your goals?

Start by researching what other people did to accomplish goals similar to yours. Make sure they are in somewhat of a similar situation. Your goal here is to map out a blueprint to success. There is no reason for you reinvent the wheel here. Find a proven path to success and model it for your life.

When it comes to changing your life, it is beneficial for you to introduce your mind to the changes you plan on creating in your life. When you skip this step, your mind may be working against you and the changes you want to make.

Your mind wants to play

If you think about it, everything you want to change in your life may annoy you on a conscious level, but subconsciously, your mind likes to keep things the same. Even though they may be self destructive habits, like excessive drinking, smoking, overeating, etc… you enjoy these activities on some level (which are why it is difficult to break these habits).

Even if you want to change something in your professional life, your mind will encourage you to keep things the same. The fear of uncertainty is why most of us never truly stretch for our dream life.

That is why planning the change you want to make in your life is so beneficial. When you take the time to come up with a plan and research the activities you are going to have to do, it really opens your mind up to the possibilities.

Now your mind is slowly thinking; ‘I may like this.’ That is part of the reason I am a fan of affirmations, vision boards, and meditation. Just make sure you are being realistic in your affirmations. Do not say, ‘I am going to wake up a millionaire.’ Instead say, ‘I am working towards becoming a millionaire.’

If your goal is to change your career or get a promotion, make sure you are just as reasonable in your assessment.

2. Law of Consciousness

The law of Consciousness goes well with the law of Concept, as they are both a part of building the proper mindset. Your mindset and your beliefs are the foundation of solidifying any change you want to make in your life.

In the law of Consciousness, you need to understand you only have a certain amount of attention you use each day. As a result of your attention being an exhaustible resource, your mind creates filters to help you focus on what it believes is important to you.

One of the most common examples of this is when you purchase a new car. The day before, you rarely saw your new auto on the road, but the day after, it is the only car you see. Understanding that everyone did not buy the car the same day you did, you realize that the car was always there.

Your mind simply blocked those cars from your consciousness because it did not believe those cars mattered to you. By taking certain actions, you can signal to your mind that your preferences have changed.

When you visualize yourself in your new life, with your new career, or in your new role, it is slowly becoming your reality.

Suspend belief

Have you ever watched an emotional movie and cried? If you are not much of a crier, have you watched an action-packed film and found yourself rooting for someone? Or even a horror film and you were terrified from all the suspense?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, do you know why you felt these feelings? Because I am sure you know that no one was actually in danger, nor was anyone actually dying.

It is because your mind has a difficult time separating what is fact and fiction, so it reacts as if everything really happened. On a conscious level, you understand that no one died and the actors are not really in love. You understand that everyone is okay and went home to their normal lives.

However, because it is a good story-line, you allow yourself to fall into the story where you start rooting for some, and feeling bad for others. As long as the writer wrote a compelling story, you will suspend belief and allow yourself to be absorbed into the film.

When the writing quality is poor on the other hand, you will quickly snap back into consciousness and evaluate the film from a logical perspective.

What the mind believes

If you were to visualize yourself performing certain activities each day, you are going to see some of the positive results as if you are physically doing it. There is a study of a group of hotel maids and their physical fitness.

Half the women were told that their daily chores counted as exercise and the other half was left to believe they were inactive. Outside of this belief, nothing changed. After a few months, the women who believed their work counted as exercise lost more weight than the women who did not.

There are other studies that talked about the placebo effect. You may have been led to believe that a placebo is nothing more than convincing someone something is real, and then they have positive results because of that belief. It is much deeper than that.

There are studies now that are called open-placebos. In these studies, they tell the patient they are being given a placebo. And even with this revelation, the positive results still occur.

Science is now saying it is the process that creates the result. Your mind believes you have a problem, but because you have taken actions to solve that problem, your mind believes the problem has been resolved. Once your mind believes the problem is resolved, it ends up releasing chemicals in your body that helps manage your situation.

In your mind’s eye, it believes the issue has been resolved. Therefore, it is creating a reality that is in-line with that belief. Can you see why this is the foundation and why having your mind on-board is so important to you changing your life?

3. Law of Checks

The law of checks builds on the idea of avoiding tactics that rely too much on motivation, willpower, and discipline. By focusing on the processes you can put in place to automate as much of your transformation as possible, you will ensure you do not have to solely rely on those exhaustible resources.

If you want to study for a certification, schedule one-hour day and take the time to set-up your “conclave of change”. Think of it like Superman’s Fortress of Solicitude or your Batman’s Bat Cave. You are not watching TV, playing on your phone, or any other leisurely activity in this room.

This is your room to study for you certification and nothing else. You want to condition yourself similar to the way Pavlov conditioned his dog. If you are not familiar with the experiment, Pavlov would ring his bell every time he gave his dog a treat. Eventually, the dog’s mouth would salivate every time it heard the bell, regardless of whether there was a treat or not.

I want you to salivate to accomplish your goal every time you walk into your conclave of change.

You run out of energy

If you do not take the time to automate your goal to change your life, you will find that you revert back to old habits. Think of someone who has a goal to lose fifty pounds.

They eat a sensible breakfast and lunch, but fall off the wagon at dinner. So what happened?

Well, they started the day with a full tank of willpower. Every time they made a decision, every time they resisted a temptation to cheat on their diet, their tank emptied a little bit more.

By the end of the day, they have nothing left and they revert back to their automated habit (unhealthy eating).

In this scenario, a great check to put in place is to remove all the tempting foods. If you do not want to eat something, that is the only way to ensure you do not eat it. Otherwise, you are going to find in your weakest moment that you will give in to temptation.

Even if you have a moment of weakness and break your diet by purchasing something unhealthy, you are still okay. Just throw away whatever it left when your willpower meter is full again. My favorite candy of all-time is Skittles and I recall purchasing a one-pound bag of Skittles.

The Skittles were BOGO, so I ended up with two bags for the price of one. I ended up eating most of the bag that evening, but the next morning, I threw them all away.

Checks are not meant to keep you perfect, they are just meant to keep you on track.

Judge running on empty

There is a pretty cool study that I talk about in my book where 1,500 cases were reviewed by a panel. These 1,500 cases belonged to one judge and the results were astonishing. What they discovered is that the judge was +70% more likely to grant parole to someone he saw in the morning versus someone he saw in the afternoon.

As with the rest of us, each decision was exhausting a portion of his mental energy. Whenever he ran out of mental energy, he reverted back to his safe habit of keeping the criminals in jail.

In the judge’s mind, leaving criminals in prison was the safe, easy, and automatic decision. It took more thought and analysis to determine if the criminal was reformed and should be granted parole.

You just need to understand that whatever is normal in your life is what you are going to revert back to when your mental energy depletes. This is a key part of what makes changing your life so difficult.

If you want to successfully change your life, you need to make it as easy as possible to live your new life, while simultaneously making it as difficult as possible to revert back to old habits.

4. Law of Charge

This is the idea that I am going to empower other people to take charge to help hold me accountable to my goal to change my life.

Accountability is something that you encounter on a daily basis. Think how you would react if your CEO asked you put a report together versus a co-worker.

You are going to appreciate the opportunity to create a report for the CEO and you are not going to take it lightly. This is probably going to be the best report that you have every put together.

How about if you were going to have someone come to your house for dinner? You are going to clean up stuff that you knew needed to be cleaned, but the fact that someone is visiting gave you the motivation you need.

You may have even seen a couple guys at the beach sucking in their gut when an attractive women walks past them.

Why Accountability Works

Accountability works because it is driven by our desire to maintain a certain perception of ourselves to others. You do not mind letting yourself down, but it feels differently when you let someone else down.

That is why I encourage you to take advantage of this human trait and use it to help you change your life. As a coach and someone who has a coach, I know the power of coaching, so I encourage everyone to have their own coach. If you do not want a coach at the moment, maybe you can employ the services of a close friend or family member. I have even seen people use their social media friends as charge partners.

The interesting thing about accountability is you are using the fear of judgment to your advantage. While the fear of judgment normally keeps you from taking action, this time around, you are going to use it to motivate action.

5. Law of Character

I am a huge believer that what is on the inside of you is what comes out. If you want to change your life, then you need to make the changes from the inside-out.

Your beliefs create your actions, and your actions create your reality. The work I do is because I care about people and I genuinely believe most of the problems in the world boil down to beliefs.

If we are able to change the beliefs that people have, we will be able to change the world.

Would it be nice to make some money and take care of my family while doing this? Naturally, but the idea that someone can be solely motivated by money and put in the work it takes to build a company is unlikely.

Your internal motivations are going to move the needle and truly help you create lasting change in your life.

The power of hope

There was one study I remember reading that discussed the power of instilling hope in a community In India, they gave a group of people one-hour of regular television and the other group an hour of motivational programming.

The group that received the hour of motivation had hope in the future. As a result, they invested more money in their children’s future and some of them picked up a second job.

Just one-hour of motivational programming provided enough hope for a group of people to believe they could change their life for the better.

What must you believe to have the life that you have today, and what belief must you have to create the life you want to have in the future?

The first step to developing your internal motivation is to be authentic. Be as genuine as you can in your interactions and see the type of people you attract.

Keep doing what you are doing if you like the characteristics of the people you attract. If you do not like the people who are drawn to you, work on changing the trait within yourself.

6. Law of Catalyst

If the law of character covers your internal motivations, then the law of catalyst covers your external motivations. The main idea behind the law of catalyst is regardless of what is happening in your life, you are going to make the next best decision available.

Imagine if you had a goal to be promoted and the company just filled that role with an external candidate. You can focus on being overlooked or you can take action. Choose to take action and make the next best decision with that information you have available.

I refer to this technique as, “positive event stacking.” It is the idea that you are going to turn lemons into lemonade.

To effectively turn your setbacks into triumph requires a lot of confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities. One of my favorite examples of positive event stacking is the story of Mattel.

From humble beginnings

Did you know that Mattel started as a wooden frame company? I know it hard to believe, but one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world started as wooden frame company. The creators of Mattel had to sell their ownership in their previous multi-million dollar company for pennies on the dollar. They merged that company once, and then brought it three investors who had a different vision.

The average person might assume this is a sign that they were not meant to be business owners. However, Ruth and Elliot Handler teamed up with their long time friend and started another company.

It was only by chance that they were using wooden scraps from their frame business to make wooden doll-house furniture.

They quickly realized they were making more money selling doll-house furniture, and decided to go all-in on the toy market. They created Barbie, who was named after their daughter Barbara. Then they created Hot-wheels and eventually Ken, named after their son. And as they say, the rest is history.

Out-house to pent-house

Keep in mind this all started with them losing their previous business for pennies on the dollar.

It is important to understand that things rarely go exactly as you planned. However, as long as you continue to make the next best decision available, you will end up where you need to be. Do not allow the fear of the worst case scenario keep you from getting up after you have been knocked down.

Be willing to adapt and understand that your journey to change your life is like walking through a fog. You cannot see through the fog until you start walking. As you continue walking, you can see a little further ahead. If you continue walking, before you know it, all of the fog is behind you.

7. Law of Courage

We end with the law of courage. It is time for you to take action once you have the proper mindset, processes, and motivation in place.

Do not fall into the analysis of paralysis. This is a clear sign that someone is dealing with the fear of failure or the fear of change. Even though you want to change your life, have put in the work to understand how to successfully create that change, you cannot get over the self-doubt.

The good news is I can tell you exactly how to overcome your self-doubt. It is to take action. Taking action helps you realize that mistakes, challenges, and setbacks are on the path to success. You cannot get to success without failure. They are two-halves of the same coin. To find success while avoiding failure is like trying to flip a coin and hand on heads without landing on tails.

The only way to ensure you avoid landing on tails is to never flip the coin. This is the reason so many people are living a life short of their potential. They are trying to find success without failure, and missing out on both in the process.

Do not allow fear to cause you to be stagnant in your life.

If you want to change your life, you have to decide that you are going to be driven by faith. Those who are driven by fear will never be able to change their life.

Fear requires you to stay in your comfort zone, always wondering what could have been, but never finding out.

Final thoughts

You have everything you need to make this your year to change your life. All you need to do now is take action. If there is anything I can do to help you change your life, let me know. I am passionate about helping people accomplish their goals and become the champion of their life.

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