28 Importance of Being Yourself with Robert Pauley III

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Hi, I’m Dre. I am your mindset coach and mentor of change. Today, we chat with Robert Pauley III, The WELTHE Guy. He is a Men’s Style Expert, Custom Clothier and Published Photographer. Robert is the owner of WELTHE Lifestyle–a lifestyle services brand. His business delivers one-of-a-kind experiences, tailored to make you look, feel and be the best version of yourself.

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To Be The Best, You Need To Be Your Best

This could include how much time you spend reading each week. Or it could be how frequently you leave your comfort zone. It could be the people you associate with or the career you choose for yourself.

There are plenty of ways to improve yourself.

It can also be the clothes that you wear. Yea, I know… not the first way I thought about improving myself either. 

Sure, you have probably thought about how your looks can impact the way others see you. However, your appearance can have a profound impression on how you see yourself. “According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, your clothing may give you an edge in an argument. The study found that the people who were dressed better routinely outsmarted those who were dressed down.”

Robert says, “you have to live your life for you first” (13:10). When people see you looking really good, they will admire and compliment your effort. Robert goes on to say, “all people want to look and feel good.” And even though society may tell men and women what is deemed acceptable, you need to do what feels right to you first.

You Have 7 Seconds

People are not listening to what you are saying in the first 7 seconds. They are judging you based on what they see (15:25). People are visual by nature, so it is important to understand the judgement can be happening on a sub-conscious level.

Remember that a significant portion of communication is non-verbal. People are going to be reading your body-language and tone over the words that you actually say.

The Cost Of Chasing Your Dream Life

Robert left a very successful career in finance. He was making a healthy 6-figure income, but he felt something was missing. While Robert always enjoyed fashion, he never pursued it. In his mind, he could never think of a position that he would want to work in fashion. That was not until he could not find a particular coat. Robert spent 2-years looking for a wool cashmere coat.

While searching for the perfect coat, Robert was given the nudge to think outside of the box. He went to a fur liquidation sale and the sales person said they did not have the coat he was looking for. However, the sales person told him to make the coat. Reluctant, Robert eventually took the man’s advice and was able to make his perfect coat.

That led to strangers on the street complimenting his coat and asking him to make them a coat. Before he knew it, he had a business.

Robert started the business part-time. He kept going to work, even though it was having a negative impact on his stress and health. It was one day in defiance that Robert quit his job suddenly (24:50).

Once the last check cleared and there was no more money coming in, Robert found himself in unfamiliar territory… without an income and needing to find customers.

The Problem With Conventional Wisdom

If I asked you how to build a fashion empire, what would you say? Conventional wisdom tells you to hire models, put on a fashion show, and try to get celebrities to wear your clothes. All of these options are really expensive and do not promise much return.

Robert decided to take a slightly different approach. While he started on the well-beaten path, he soon realized his brand was build around him. The first coat he sold was someone who saw him wearing a coat he designed.

It was not a model, not a fashion show, and not a celebrity. It was the WELTHE Guy (39:20). Robert started finding success when he wore his clothes. To this day he does not allow models to wear his clothes. Robert says, “it is either me or my clients” (42:10).

You Are Your Brand

Robert knows everyone is not going to purchase his coats. He does not worry about getting upset about who is not purchasing his products, he focuses on the people his brand attracts. For example, Robert knows his ideal client does not ask about price (48:09).

How about you? Who do you want in your life? Are you being honest with yourself about who you want in your life?


What you can control is yourself. By being authentic, you will find the right people are going to be drawn to you, and the wrong people will be pushed out of your life (50:00).

Final Thoughts

When asked if he could only tell his younger self one thing, Robert said he would tell himself, to “be yourself” (53:00). Your dream life is your life first and foremost. What works for most people may not work for you. Robert is a good example of that. He had to find his own approach that worked for him. Be bold, be patient, and most importantly… be yourself.

The path that is not regularly traveled takes time. You have to clear the path and you must allow yourself to make mistakes.

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  • mgriggs1955 says:

    Excellent…inspiring interview with Robert.
    You were awesome in the interview and sharing great information with the listeners.
    There were many truths that reminded me of change that I need to consider.
    Loved it ?!
    Thank you for the encouraging podcast!

  • mgriggs1955 says:

    Excellent…inspiring interview with Robert.
    You were awesome in the interview and sharing great information with the listeners.
    There were many truths that reminded me of change that I need to consider.
    Loved it ?!
    Thank you for the encouraging podcast!

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