03 The 5 Most Common Obstacles To Growth

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The 5 Most Common Obstacles To Growth

If you want to successfully change your life, then you need to be ready for the obstacles you are bound to face. In this episode we discuss the 5 most common obstacles to growth and how to conquer them.

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Change Blindness Show Notes:

  • Leaving my comfort zone and taking a trip to Nigeria [01:52]

  • When I caught Malaria and almost died [02:51]

  • If we are trying to grow, we are going to find obstacles. If we are trying to stay in our comfort zone, we will be obstacle-free, but at the cost of our growth [04:11]

  • Overcoming the Obstacle of Well-Being by making sure you are properly prepared [04:38]

    • Dealing with emotional stress and anxiety?
    • Physical training and conditioning if your resolution involves fitness?
    • Mending relationships and forgiving others?
  • Exposing yourself to new information to handle your limiting beliefs [05:48]

  • Are you an eagle living as a chicken? [06:40]

    • When was the last time you rechecked one of your beliefs?
    • What do the people you surround yourself with have in common?
    • Are you allowing fear to drive your decisions?
    • Could you learn the skills that will enable you to Become the Champion of Your Life?
    • Have you forgotten that you are an eagle?
  • The third most common obstacle to growth is money [11:14]

    • Focus on alternatives when you encounter this obstacle.
    • There are only two ways to make more money… earn more or save more.Could you get a loan, find a cheaper alternative, learn a new skill-set to generate more income?
    • Instead of eating at Starbucks, could you purchase their coffee from the grocery store and make at home?
  • The fourth most common obstacle to growth is your time [12:06]

    • Be willing to evaluate how you are spending your time
    • We all only have 24 hours in a day, use it wisely
    • Focus your time on short-term activities that help you accomplish your long-terms goals
    • Are you spending your time on what matters to you most?
    • Cut out distractions and time-wasters
  • The fifth and final most common obstacle to growth is fear [14:54]

    • Afraid of being embarrassed, rejected, not accepted, etc.?
    • To overcome fear, listen to stories of perseverance. In particular, find stories about people who have overcome challenges in their life creating the life you seek.
    • Take a moment to understand how your beliefs are creating the fears that you have

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