[Video] How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Life

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Hi, I’m Dre and I am your mindset coach and mentor change. Today we are going to talk about how to remove negative energy from your life.

If you are not sure if you have negative energy in your life, let’s start by identifying ways it can manifest itself. Negative energy can appear as stress, rashes, and being easily irrigated by those you love. It can cause you to feel exhausted, beat-up, and incomplete. I could go on, but there is a gambit of effects negative energy can have on your life.

If you have experienced negative energy in your life, then you are going to want to use these five techniques to remove it.

  1. Forgive yourself and others
  2. Remove energy drainers and energy vampires
  3. Practice mindfulness meditation
  4. Create an energy field around you
  5. Relax with music

You will notice my list is going to be a nice mixture of practical and spiritual techniques. The spiritual approaches come from the research and methods I have implemented in my life. On my way to becoming a Reiki practitioner, I studied energy, vibrations, and the connection we all have to each other.

Ways to experience energy

You may have heard someone say that someone looks like they are red with anger. That is an aura that someone was able to see. I have seen people say that pregnant women have a glow about them. Again, that is someone using their ability to see someone’s aura.

Others have the ability to feel energy. Have you ever heard someone say that they can cut the tension in the room with a knife? It is as though you can tell two people just finished arguing or you can tell two people have bad-blood between them.

While the average person may consider these throw-away lines, they actually have a proven foundation that you can learn and study. As a result, not only can you learn about these techniques, but you can master and grow them.

That is why I encourage you guys not to always think with your rationale side. Unlike other creatures, humans have instincts and reason. The popular ways we talk about instinct are the “vision of a CEO“ or the “intuition of a mother“. However, we all have feelings that cannot be explained with reason. It is just a question of whether you listen to them.

I say all this to say, you are going to find negative energy resides within both your rational and instinctual side.

1. Forgive yourself and others

When people have difficulties forgiving themselves and others, they are struggling with the fear of the worst-case scenario. Consider someone who was cheated on in their marriage and they are longer interested in being married. They believe that if they trust someone, then they open themselves up to have their heart broken.

When people have difficulties forgiving others they are possessing negative energy. Have you ever seen someone who struggles with forgiveness? You frequently find them changing for the worst from the bitterness and resentment that is building up inside of them.

It is natural

It is natural for us to forgive others, so when you cannot forgive someone, you usually have to constantly replay the negative event in your mind.

If you do not believe me, look at some kids playing at the park. When a kid is mean to another kid, they quickly move past the situation and continue playing.

Dare I say, I have seen parents regularly hold negative energy while their kid is ready to move on.

The fact that kids are so resilient and do not have negative associations with anything is why they can learn and grow at such an amazing rate. Kids fail and they fail often, but they get up and keep going.

The problem that most adults have is they believe their failure is a sign that they are not good enough. That is why most adults have a fear of failure and why they have difficulties changing their life.

That is why it is so important for you to be willing to forgive yourself and others. When you allow negative associations to exist, it is only going to keep you from accomplishing your goals.

Forgiveness is for you

There is a misconception that people need to earn your forgive. This is one of the most self-destructing beliefs I have come across.

Think about the practicality of you waiting for people to show they are sorry before you forgive them. You would have to keep record of everyone who has an outstanding wrong committed against you. This would require you to treat people differently, and it may cause mutual friends to feel the need to choose sides.

As we have already discussed, it is going to create resentment and animosity in your life. It is only going to produce more negative energy in your life.

Save yourself the hassle and generously forgive yourself and others.

2. Remove energy drainers and energy vampires

If you are interested in removing negative energy from your life, then you need to be willing to remove the negative influences in your life.

Before you star kicking out everyone who does not agree with you, that is not what I am talking about. Your goal is not to surround yourself with unreasonable “yes-men”.

What I am encouraging you to do is surround yourself with people who are interested in offering solutions and not problems.

The most common trait I see in professionals is self-doubt caused by others projecting their self-doubt on them.

If you have a commission driven job, do not be discouraged by those who have traditional income. They have their traditional job because their beliefs cause them to doubt their ability to survive with a commission-based position.

So what do you think is going to happen when you ask them for advice? They are going to tell you how uncertain and risky it is to have a commission job.

Whether these people are your parents, friends, or coworkers, understand that they mean well. They just cannot help but have actions that are aligned with their beliefs.

That is why it is important for you to surround yourself with problem solvers.

If you want to remove the negativity in your life, surround yourself with people who help you feel alive. The quickest way to do this is to be as authentic as possible. By doing so, you will push the right people away and draw the right people towards you. You will end up surrounding yourself with passionate, high-energy people who believe you have the ability to change the world.

3. Practice mindfulness meditation

I love meditation and there are a lot of ways you can add meditation to your life. I like mindfulness, because there are plenty of studies that have already shown the benefits.

There are several ways to you can meditate and still achieve the desired results. Whether you want to meditate for five-minutes or five-hours, you can bring your focus on the present moment.

You can control your breathing by focusing on your stomach filling up with oxygen. You can honestly allow yourself to focus on anything in the present. This could be the wind blowing against your skin, or it could be the clothes you are wearing.

You may not have noticed it, but you rarely notice the clothes that you are wearing. That is why you may feel as though polyester or wool is itchy. While it may feel slightly uncomfortable, it would be more accurate to say that you are use to wearing cotton. As a result, when you wore something other than cotton, you immediately realized you were wearing clothes.

If you wore wool everyday for a year and then switched to cotton, you would feel the same discomfort.

Easiest way to focus

You will find the easiest way to focus on the moment is to focus on your five-senses. Your senses are always in the present moment. The beautiful thing about the present is you have the ability to change your present. You cannot change your past and you cannot change your future. That is why people who spend too much time in either are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety.

Therefore, whenever you can stay in the present, you remove the negative energy your mind is creating.

4. Create an energy field around you

This is a visualization technique that I do on a regular basis. I like to spend a decent amount of time engaging my mind when I am working to create a positive attitude.

When I am on-point, every morning I will create an energy field around myself, balance my chakras, and clean my aura. The thought-process is you come into contact with people every day.

These people are dealing with their own life, and sometimes you absorb their energy. Think about the last time you were having a good day and you ran into someone having a horrible day.

As they tell you what they have going on in their life, it changes the way you feel about your day. In essence, you have absorbed their energy and it altered your mindset.

You may have had a subpar day and talked to someone lively and upbeat, and it improved your mindset and helped you to have a better day.

I say this to say on a very basic level, you have experienced the influence others can have on your day. By creating an energy field around you, you can block the negative energy and encourage the positive energy.

How to create an energy field

I usually create my energy shields with three-levels. First, I close your eyes and visual myself being engulfed by a white light. Then, I create visualize a strong, sturdy, and indestructible mass surrounding me. This mass makes it impossible for any good or bad energy to affect me. Since I want to let the good energy in, my last layer is transforming the indestructible mass into a bubble. I repeat to myself, “good comes in and bad going out”; which allows my bubble to shield me without obstructing me.

The last thing I do is visual myself shrinking this bubble as much as I can so that it fits like a glove around my entire body. The reason you want to your energy shield to be close to the body is you do not want to bump into other people’s auras too often.

In my ideal world, I would perform this activity each morning. Then each evening I clean my aura and remove any negative energy that is on my shield. To do this I simply take my hands and brush my entire body in a downward motion.

5. Relax with music

I encourage you to play music that helps you relax. Ideally, this will be high-vibration, high energy music.

Music is such a powerful medium that studies show can alter our mood and mindset almost instantly. I remember Yams I would play classical music when we were pregnant. There was research that showed classical music helped develop the babies mind in the womb.

Even today, we use music to help our children fall asleep, as well as music for meditation and concentration activities. Music is so powerful because it speaks to your conscious and subconscious mind simultaneously. You have probably noticed how easy it is to remember songs and how the smallest thing can trigger a distant memory.

You can even use music to anchor confidence and positive feelings for those challenging situations. Have you ever been a major league or college baseball game? You may have noticed that the home team plays a small exert from the batter’s favorite song before they come up to the plate. This is to help the athlete instantly fall into the proper mindset.

You may not have attempted this on purpose, but you have probably done this with your wedding song or a song from high school. Where you hear the song and it releases feelings of love, happiness, and joy instantly.

Final thoughts

Energy is all around you. You have the ability to choose the type of energy you encourage and block. Remove the negative energy that is making it impossible for you to accomplish your goals and change your life.

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