36. How To Prioritize Your Goals So You Can Maximize Your Life

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Of the 53% of the population that makes a New Year’s Resolution each year, 60% of those people quit their resolution within 6-weeks. To ensure you accomplish your goals and maximize your life, you need to commit to prioritize your goals and live the achojah lifestyle of rising to the challenge every single day.

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Get the most out of each day

To prioritize your goals is a mindset where you are going take control of your life. You are going to need to prioritize how you spend your time each day. You cannot continue waking up and allowing life to happen to you, you are going to need to start to happen to life.

1. Be intentional when prioritizing your goals

Plenty of people wake up each day and say, “this is the day I change my life”. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, you cannot figure out where the time went. You most likely spent the day reacting to situations and putting out fires. Then before you know it, the day is over and you have wasted another day. By keeping track of how you spend your day, you are going to realize where you are wasting time. The best way to accomplish this is to start tracking your day. Whether you use a journal or a sheet of paper, you want to write down what you are doing each day.

Studies show employees only spend three or four hours of each day actually being productive. You want to live a life where you are working on double-digit hours a day taking action that brings you closer to your dream life. The difference between the most successful and everyone else is how they spend their day. To take your life to the next level, you are going to want to efficiently use your time each day.

This is also a difficulty our school-aged children are dealing encountering. They are spending 5-days a week in school; but they are learning at a pace that is focused on the average learner. This means if you are ahead of the class, you may disengage because you feel bored. It also means if you are behind in a particular aspect, you may disengage because you feel like you are failing. That is part of the reason home-schooling has become such an appealing alternative for many families. It allows the parents to teach their children at a pace that maximizes their child’s strengths.

2. Cut out the distractions

This is important because it helps you to maintain your lifestyle changes. If you want to eat healthy, then removing all the junk food makes it difficult for you to break your resolution. If you want to watch less TV, then removing your TV or at least removing it as the focal point of your living room will increase the possibility of you keeping your resolution.

The need to remove things from your life that can cause you to revert back to your old life extends further than food and entertainment. It also includes you needing to remove certain people from your life. If there are people in your life who are always doubting your ability to succeed or they simply provide a negative vibe when you are around them, you need to take steps to limit if not completely remove them from your life. Otherwise, their words will cause you to doubt your ability to succeed when things are difficult.

Prioritize your goals over relationships

If your intention is to maximizing your life, then you need to prioritize your goals over old and toxic relationships. You could attempt to maintain those relationships, but you can only take on so much extra baggage. Sometimes people are put in our life for a season and we are trying to keep them past them season. Take the life lesson, show appreciation for the time they contributed to your life, but you need to move on.

3. Surround yourself with amazing people

I couldn’t end this list without including people who are going to provide that little extra boost of energy when you need it most. Please, please, please, don’t overlook this step when you prioritize your goals. There are two types of people you need to surround yourself with; these are people you will mentor and people who will mentor you. The people you will mentor will provide you that extra accountability and motivation to continue.

Of the people you mentor, these are people who will be a few steps behind you. They will have the energy and fire you had when you started your journey. As you teach them to avoid some of the pitfalls you fell into, it will reinforce your growth and commitment to accomplish your goals.

The other type of people you want to make sure are in your life are people who will mentor you. These are people who are a few steps ahead of you. They will remind you when things are hard that if you keep going, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your mentors will save you time on your journey to accomplish your goals. They will share with you their life lessons and they will take an invested interest in your success.

While having people who are exactly where you are on your journey is nice, it will not be that way for long. Since things are always changing, you are either getting a little better or a little worst each day. What that means is you may have started at the same time as someone else, but they are going to be a little better or worse than you in a few months. Whatever aspect they are better than you; let them mentor you on that part of your journey. Wherever you are better than them, you should mentor them on that part of their journey.  If you discover they are toxic, then you need to take the steps to limit or remove them from your life.

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Final thoughts

You want to be so intentional with your life that everything and everyone in your life is there for a reason. You should be able to find value in each relationships. When you prioritize your goals, you will judge each relationship and commitment through the prism, “does this bring me closer or further from my goal”.

Until next time,

Continued blessings.

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