04 Are You Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be?

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Are You Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be?

Our doubt and fear of failure can come off as logical, sensible and reasonable. So how do we know if we are making our lives harder than they have to be? If you find becoming the champion of your dream life as difficult as hiking with a 500lb bag (I’ll explain in the episode), then listen in.

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Change Blindness Show Notes:

  • What is your reason for inaction? [01:00]

    • We come up with great reasons for inaction and they tend to be logical. Does any of the below sound similar?

      • “I want to make sure we are prepared for anything”
      • “I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed”
      • “Let’s go through everything one more time just to be sure”
      • and on the reasons go…
  • What is the 500lb bag I am lugging around in my life? [02:03]

    • Are you holding the essentials or are you prepared for almost anything?
  • What happens when you hike with a 500lb bag versus a 20lb bag? [03:33]

  • The reason you find yourself over-preparing [04:36]

    • How likely is the scenario you are preparing for to happen?
    • How much time are devoting to your preparation versus the likelihood of it happening?
    • Do you have a strategy in place that would make a war general blush?
  • Why do you think someone would make something more difficult than it has to be? [05:14]

    • Doubt and fear of failure is causing your confidence to wane?
    • Do you want to be the seen as “bag of stuff” savior?
    • Do I need something external for me to be confident and comfortable with myself?
  • Can you be a hero without the suit? [08:01]

  • The real reason you are carrying around a 500lb bag [08:48]

  • What happens when you compare yourself to someone with a lighter bag [09:24]

  • Three strategies to build your self-confidence?

    1. Prepare for a reasonable amount of obstacles [10:33]

      • You can’t prepare for everything
      • Control what you can control and let go of everything else
    2. Set goals with small benchmarks and enjoy the journey [11:35]

      • Allow yourself to enjoy small wins
      • Growth occurs on your change journey
      • Be flexible and give yourself room to grow
    3. Focusing on the positive [15:50]

      • Stop replaying the low-light reel
      • Taking a moment to enjoy the sunset
      • Reducing television consumption
      • Training your mind with a gratitude journal

Life Changing Quotes:

  1. [01:47]

  2. “You can find contentment within yourself” [07:38]
  3. “It is common for people to try and find happiness from other people, peace through other things and protection from outside external resources” [07:42]
  4. “For you to become the champion of your dream life, you have to understand everything you need is already inside of you” [08:26]
  5. “You want to create scenario’s where you can build your confidence and find contentment” [10:12]
  6. “You are a Champion through and through and have the ability to conquer any self-doubt and fear of failure” [10:19]
  7. [12:55]

  8. “It is too often we overlook the journey, but the journey is where the mindset transformation happens” [13:10]
  9. “Just because I didn’t accomplish my goal today, doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish it” [13:38]
  10. “It is about expanding your beliefs by expanding the experiences that you have ” [13:54]
  11. [15:30]

  12. “The TV is what helped create the mindset you currently have, and the life you are trying to change” [16:51]

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