7 Habits of Happy and Successful People

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It is important you maintain your motivation as you are chasing happiness. Since happiness comes from an internal place, it is important you learn to listen to your inner drum beat (voice). Your inner voice is going to push you to go for it, but you will not always feel as if you are ready. You will find happy and successful people have discovered how to turn their inner thoughts into reality. Today we discuss some of the seven most common habits of happy and successful people.

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1. Don’t worry about worrying

The message of your inner drumbeat may not always seem practical or even possible in many instances. However, if you focus on the task at hand, you will not feel overwhelmed. Overwhelm is often the result of you comparing where you are at now to there you want to be. Consider my plan to create a video, podcast, and article every day for an entire year. After making ten videos, if I take an inventory of the effort and immediate results, it is going to be difficult to imagine doing this for another 300+ days.

Happy and successful people do not worry about the entire journey; they just focus on what they have to do today. This is a method Navy Seals often discuss when they talk about qualifying to become a Seal. During Hell-week a Seal is only allowed 4-hours of sleep over a 5-day period. This does not include the 28-weeks of additional training to qualify. The Seals that complete the journey and earn their Trident say they focus on the next task at hand. They know if they focus on the entire process, they will begin to worry about whether they have what it takes to keep going.

2. Choose to be content

You are not going to feel amazing every day and you are not always going to feel productive. Happiness is not an external or emotional space as much as it is an understanding and appreciation for your life. You can be happy in the most difficult of situations because you choose to focus on the blessings in your life.

3. Happy and successful people test failure

Plenty of people expect so much of themselves that it makes it difficult for them to take action. Happy and successful people look at failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. As a result, they continue chasing happiness when most people have quit. To find success you are going to have to make small adjustments along the way as you gather more information.

Think about a programmer or someone in the technical field in general. They are going to make tweaks to their algorithm as they get more information. They do not see their first iteration as a failure just because they created a newer version of their software. Instead, they see the first version as an integral part of them being able to make the second version. The customer feedback and the shortcomings that they found by offering the first version would not have been realized if they tried to make the perfect algorithm before launching.

Marketing is another example where there is rarely the expectation to get it right the first time. People understand that it is going to take a lot of customer feedback to know what the market is looking for. You must be as forgiving and understanding of yourself as you are chasing happiness. Just as the programmer and marketer, you are testing your idea and gathering information. With this information, you are going to better understand the path you can take to accomplish your goal.

4. Develop a growth mindset

A growth mindset is the ability to understand you are not where you want to be, but you can invest resources into yourself to accomplish your goal. Happy and successful people believe they impact the world; not that the world impacts them. People who find it difficult to overcome life’s challenges have a fixed mindset. They believe whatever they are given is the sum of their life. As a result, they are rarely working on improving themselves because they do not believe it will change anything. 

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5. Make your next decision, your best decision

This concept is from my book, Champion of Change, the 7-Instrumental Laws of Change. The idea behind this concept is you are never going to know everything. The best you can do is to take the next best step with the information you have available. Then, as you gather more information, you are going to reevaluate the situation and take your next best step again. This will continue until you have accomplished the goal you set out for yourself. 

Happy and Successful do not spend a lot of time wondering what could have been, they just keep moving forward. Dwelling on what is ‘fair’, ‘right’, or what ‘could have been’ may help someone feel better or assign blame, but it is not going to help them transform their life.

6. Find case studies confirming your success

As you gather information about people who either started where you started and ended up where you want to end, your mind will start to believe you can achieve your goal. This will help you as you start to feel unease about continuing your journey. Fear is a real emotion that can grab us at any moment. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself ahead of time.

Think of the comfort you have when you purchase a new product on Amazon. Even though you have never seen the item in person, the reviews help you to be confident in the results. You can utilize the stories of others success in the same manner. Your mind will use their experiences to help assess how you will feel if you follow the same proven pattern. 

7. Silence that other voice in your head

If you are like me, you have plenty of conversations going on in your head at any given time. I often have conversations with myself aloud and have gotten to know me pretty well. As we discussed earlier, one of the voices is your soul. That is the voice that leads to happiness and fulfillment. Another voice in your head is your inner critic. This is the voice that is always explaining why you can’t or shouldn’t take action.

To silence your inner critic, you need to stop being so critical of yourself. One of the best ways to become less critical of yourself is to make sure you are not being critical of others. You have one life and your habits spread across your entire life. Think about it… 

If you are undisciplined at work, you are likely undisciplined at home. If you are late to meetings, you are probably late to church. If your office is dirty, then no-one should be surprised that your home is dirty too. That is why if you want lower your inner critic, you need to lower your criticism of your friends, family, and coworkers. 

Final thoughts

Happy and successful people follow the above seven habits on a daily basis. Consistency is key for you to live the achojah lifestyle and transform your life. 

Until next time,

Continued blessings,

Dre “Better Self, Better Wealth” Griggs


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