Are You Inspired by Fear or Love?

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We all have an innate desire to better ourselves.  The feeling of growth and advancement has always been in the DNA of humans.  You learn to crawl, so you can learn to walk, so you can learn to run.  By simply being able to see those you love progress, you wanted to improve with them.  It is why you are not supposed to talk to a baby using baby talk.  They are attempting to speak like you, so you speaking like them will hinder their growth.

There are two distinct motivations in life.  I believe every action comes down to love or fear.  The way we use the words today, it is not easy to see everything through that prism.  However, I think you would at least agree each action has an affinity towards one or the other.

Fear Motivates… but For How Long?

While fear can be motivating (fear of losing your job, family, friends, etc.), it is not a lasting motivation.  Think of someone who has a job they do not enjoy.  Whenever their supervisor is in the room, they work hard to ensure they make a good impression.  Whenever the supervisor leaves, their productivity suffers greatly.  Fear is present as long as you are continually reminded of that fear.  It is why every newscast starts with multiple stories based on fear (robbery, murder, terrorist attack).  Once fear is present, they know you are engaged.  

Love is an Action

Love comes in many forms.  Nevertheless, it is important to remember, love is more than affection – love is an action.  We are all familiar with the example of a mother sacrificing her well-being for her child.  Her love is clear, powerful, and unwavering in the sight of danger.  It is a not motivated by the events around her, but an outward expression of what is inside.  As a result, her actions are deep-rooted and consistent.

Fear or Love?

Have you ever had someone doubt you?

I know I have.  I remember wanting to prove them wrong. I remember waking up each day imagining their face when they learned underestimating me was a mistake.

If you had to choose between fear and love, how would you categorize my motivation?

You would probably choose fear.  I was afraid of them being right and afraid of embarrassing myself.  Similar to the person afraid of losing their job, I was not enjoying the process.  I was doing the minimum, hoping for maximum results. I eventually did just enough to prove him wrong, but it was not worth it.  He utilized every excuse to minimize my victory, and I was no happier than he was.

Inspired By Love

Show me someone motivated by fear and I will show you someone not enjoying what he or she is doing.  As a result, fear is not strong enough to ensure you solidify the changes you want to make in your life.

Love is the Only Thing That Will Last

If you want to lose weight, do not do it because your class reunion is around the corner.  Choose to lose weight because you love yourself (or your children, etc.) and want to be healthier.

If you want a better job, do not do it because you want to make more money than someone else does.  That is fear by another name.  Instead, desire to have a better job because you want to provide for those dependent on you… or you want to make better use of your talents.

Fear is a short-term solution to a long-term resolution.  If you want to continue to grow and progress towards your ideal-self, do not allow yourself to be encouraged by fear.

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