Five Reasons to Stop Watching TV

Something that I think we all know, but still needs to said:

All televisions need to be turned off, and here are five reasons why.

  1. Over-stimulation. By children and adults watching television everyday, they are hindering the development of their mind. When you are watching TV, you are not thinking of solutions to life, nor are you stimulating your mind by entertaining yourself. Being bored is actually a good thing. It sparks the imagination and promotes brain development. By mindlessly absorbing whatever is on television, your brain is not being challenged. If you replace TV time with a good game of charades or reading a book, you will immediately notice the impact of exercising your mind.
  2. Lack of focus. A TV show can draw you in to the point you do not even know you are eating food. By watching TV and eating at the same time, your brain forgets to tell your stomach you are full. The result is overeating, which can lead to obesity and other health problems. We have not even talked about the food commercials themselves that make you think you are hungry, when you are not.
  3. Divisiveness. You can take any stance you want, I can find a program that is negatively talking about it. Whether you break it down by race, religion, political identification, profession, or music; there is a television program that is negatively reflecting that preference. As a result, anyone who watches a lot of television has a skewed view of the world. People end up with strong opinions about people they never met, because they watched a TV show.
  4. Dumbing down of society. Plenty of people take what they see on television as Bible. They think they are informed, but they are actually misinformed. In my opinion, it would be better to be uninformed, than misinformed. Think of the negative ads that run each election season. You know a significant amount of them are inaccurate, but by simply accusing people, the damage is done.
  5. Sex, sex, and more sex. Almost everything on television has a sexual innuendo. We all know sex sells, but you may not know why. Sex sells primarily because there is a general agreement on what is sexy. Even if someone is not specifically “your type”, you understand sexy. Same with humor. Other emotions are a little more difficult to replicate on a large scale.

Ultimately, everything you absorb in your mind, has an impact on your perception. If you only watch the local news, you think you are going to be robbed, kidnapped, or murdered as soon as you leave your house.

Just think how many of your goals and resolutions you could accomplish if you did not watch TV.

The best way to take back control of your mind is to turn off the TV and go experience the world firsthand. Be humble in your interactions and be willing to respect others perceptions more than your own. By entertaining the possibilities, you will grow immensely (even if you do not find yourself agreeing with them in the end).

Continued blessings,

Undre Griggs | Be More | Forecast Hope

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