Life Is More Than Survival

Lesson of Hope:

What is your mission in life?  Do you live each day moving closer to fulfillment of that missions?  Sometimes we find ourselves having to make decisions that move us further from our purpose.  Some call it growing up, others call it giving up; but it is a choice nonetheless.  It is important to acknowledge you have the power do choose the life you want to live.

If your preference is survival, the safe path is your optimal choice.  It provides you a safe income, retirement and the ability to provide for your family.  There is little risk in survival, because there is little change. Most people like the stability found in the safe choice; but is there happiness in survival?  Those who live the safe life tend to live a life of wonder.  They wonder what they could have done, what impact they could have made if they took more risks.  Key regrets in life will surround our unwillingness to trust ourselves and follow our instincts.

If you want more out of life than survival, then find a cause to champion.  Devote your time or money towards something that will help those in need.  Donate clothes, be a big brother or sister.  There are so many things we can do everything to make the world better.  If you see a need in the world and want to build a product, write that book, or give that speech; do it.  There are enough people allowing others to live their life, you choose to live your own.  Your personal style cannot be duplicated, and your personal impact cannot be overlooked.

Hope in Action:

Jamie Irvine is a Sales Professional and Entrepreneur who found success creating processes for businesses.  He is a firm believer his six-figure company would not have survived his near death experience if he did not have processes in place.  Irvine had a gutter cleaning business with his wife, and while working on a project, he fell 20 feet.  He fell on a pile of landscaping boulders; the impact shattered his pelvis and punctured his abdomen.  Though the doctors did not think he would survive the night, Irvine did.  He would spend the next six months having to relearn everything, including how to walk.  Irvine said, because he had processes in place, his employees were able to continue working without him.  If he did not have replicable processes in place, Irvine believes his company would not have survived.

Irvine’s gutter cleaning business was his second business venture.  His first was a failed consulting firm.  Consulting was his true passion, and after he recovered from his injuries, Irvine went back into consulting.  Understanding how short life is, he did not want to be depressed living for a paycheck.  Irvine believes passion can change over time; therefore, it is better to be passionate about helping others.  Following his passion, Irvine has helped multiple entrepreneurs create processes and launch their business.  His unique life experiences enable him to influence those he is consulting.  We often overlook our knowledge and experiences as normal, but our personal style is anything but normal.  Even if another person experiences similar events, they are not you and people want to know what you have to say.

HopeSeeker’s Forecast:

PONDER:  You can be certain living a life of purpose is more difficult than living a life of survival.  Expectations are higher, and the risks are greater when finding and pursuing your purpose.  CONNECT:  Do you want to thrive or survive?  Do your actions match your desire?  ACCOMPLISH:  Next failure or setback, do not allow it to hold you back.  Retool your process and try again.


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