My 5 Personal Techniques to Focus

When I need to concentrate and cannot, I usually need to reset.


  1. I will go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air, and focus on the warmth of the sun. For me, this is a form of meditation. I take deep breathes and reflect on the blessings that make up my life.
  2. I also find prayer provides me the ability to recenter myself. Sometimes, we are just going too fast, too focused on ourselves. Prayer helps me to think about others and more important things. I think about my family, our health, and the less fortunate. I think about eternity and work my back to this moment.
  3. I then enjoy taking a moment to complete, incomplete thoughts. These thoughts can be sentences I forgot the ending to. Conversations that were interrupted, or questions I had for myself.  This helps me to clear my mind and regain my focus.
  4. I end by using the Pomodoro method of productivity. It has been proven working in long bursts, followed by a short break is the best way to get things done. There is debate on whether what the perfect interval is, I personally use 50 minutes work, 10 minutes off. I recommend you find your magic range.
  5. If all else fails, then you need to focus on nutrition. Your brain needs healthy fruits and vegetables, as well as the proper amount of sleep. Your brain will never operate at optimum efficiency if you are fueling it properly.

It is like putting regular unleaded in a Porsche. Do not be surprised when your car stalls, it does not have the proper fuel to operate.

Good luck in your journey,

Continued blessings,

Undre Griggs | Be More

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