One Idea to Improve Your Life

If I could give you one idea to improve your life, I would tell you perception is everything.

Your perception is created by your senses interacting with the world around you. It involves all five senses and even includes some additional senses, such as those used to read body language and other movements. Your perception even allows you to recognize the face of a friend or recognize a familiar scent.

It is like hearing your wedding song 10 years later and a tear rolls down your the side of your face. Your perception is the discomfort you feel when someone enters your personal space or you feel they are acting in an aggressive manner.

Your perception is your unique code that is special to you because it changes with your life experiences.

For example, if you want to open a beach resort (and who does not want to open a beach resort), it would be an excellent idea to have experience working in a beach resort.

You could read books, hire a mentor, or attempt to gain hands-on experience.

If you want hands-on experience, I recommend finding a beach resort outside of 200 miles of the one you are planning to open. This will increase the likelihood of receiving help because the owner will know you are not trying to steal their business. Work your way through each position within the company, from janitor to customer service, to cook, to executive director. Learn what they order, why they order it, and where they store it. See what foods and entertainment the customers enjoy, as well how the resort handles marketing and seasonality.

You will gain a wealth of information that will completely change the way you see your business.

You will become conscious to aspects of the business that someone would only learn from a decade of work experience. You can employ this tactic in almost any industry, with any change goal, to learn about any aspiration.

You have to open your mind to the change you are looking to create.

You need your mind to recognize opportunities in your new change goal, the way it used to recognize them with your old habit. As with the memories associated with an old song, you can create a new perception by exposing yourself to the changes you wish to make.

Continued blessings,

Undre Griggs | Be More

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