Take Life Seriously and Achieve Dreams or Take Life Lightly and Be Happy?

This was a question that was posed to me, but before I answer it, let’s start with a few questions first.

Can you take life seriously and be happy? I think so. Can you achieve your dreams and take life lightly? I think so. How about, can you be happy and not achieve your dreams? I think so again.

I take life seriously in the sense that I appreciate every moment as “the moment”. What this means is whatever I am working on takes priority until completion. In a real sense I am taking “life seriously” by putting in a diligent effort to achieve my resolutions.

On the other-hand, I am not taking life serious because I do not let outcomes ruin my mood. There is a real possibility I can do everything right and still not achieve my dreams.

For example, you may have noticed the late night comedians recently had a changing of the guard. Leno and Letterman were replaced with the likes of Fallon and Colbert. What this means is you can be the best, most seriously committed comedian, but because Fallon and Colbert just started, you are probably not going to get a late night talk show anytime soon. There were probably dozens of qualified comedians that came and went during Leno and Letterman’s reign as well.

Sometimes you just have to get lucky and peak at the right time.

When we characterize someone taking life “lightly” as the only person who can be “happy”, we are doing happiness a disservice.

Happiness is not dependent on any external events.

 Even though I may not always achieve the outcome I want, I am happy because I am content in outcome (not in effort).

If I do everything I can to Become the Champion of my Life, then that is all anyone should demand of themselves.

You will find an additional benefit of being content is when things change, you will adapt quicker. Those who are more focused on their preconceived notions of happiness will find themselves missing the moment.

I remember when I started my company. I started in the generic scope of self help. It wasn’t until I continued working in my business that I realized my niche is overcoming doubt and a fear of failure. Let me be the first to tell you, I had no idea this was where I was going to land.

It was one of those things where I had to start walking to see the path through the fog. If I refused to start until I had a full picture, or even worse, refused to adapt my vision and “dream”, I would have missed an amazing opportunity.

I say all this to say,

  1. (treat every opportunity as “your big break” and you will find yourself ready for (if not outright creating) the moment).

  2. (we subconsciously know if we are succeeding i.e. I don’t have a weight loss goal but I know if I gain 100 lbs, I am losing).

  3. (it is just whether we are putting in the work to achieve them and being honest with yourself that you have them).

Continued blessings,

Dre Griggs | Become The Champion of Your Life | Forecast Hope

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