[VID] The Power of Viewing Your Challenges as Opportunities

  • Why I look at challenges as a good thing [00:50]

  • How children look at challenges and what we can learn from them [01:45]

  • The three techniques to help you see challenges as opportunities

    1. challenges and setbacks are a part of the process [04:15]

    2. focusing on the improvements [06:48]

    3. Stay present and in the moment [08:50]

  • If you are avoiding failure, you are avoiding success [04:45]

  • Understanding the benefits of “positive event stacking” [07:10]

  • Where fear and self-doubt originates (past and future) [09:15]

  • How to have a 300% increase in your ability to accomplish your goals and resolutions [11:24]

  • Take action to cure fears and self-doubt [12:28]

  • One of my favorite techniques to keep my mind in the present [13:08]


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