[VID] Time To Stop Seeking The Approval Of Others

overcome doubt, create your dream life, fear of failure

  • “I’m not looking for forgiveness and not asking for permission” [00:40]

  • The dangers of needing the approval of others [02:10]

  • 5 strategies to break you of your need to seek approval

    1. Increase your awareness through self-evaluation [04:05]

    2. Evaluate the accuracy of your beliefs [05:10]

    3. Build trust in yourself [06:59]

    4. Understand why you are seeking approval [11:25]

    5. Develop a greater sense of self-worth [15:10]

  • If you are not getting the results you want, there is a belief that is holding you back [04:25]

  • Overcoming the false belief of perfectionism [05:20]

  • Appreciate yourself and your life [08:35]

  • You need to be a problem solver [09:40]

  • stop wasting your time comparing yourself to others [11:40]

  • The easiest way to increase your self-worth, confidence, and esteem [15:35]

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