What is the purpose of obsession?

A better word for obsession is passion. Your passions (emotions) play a key role in your ability to maintain that fire through the ups and downs.

The logical side of your mind will talk you out of most aspirations. It will tell you to play it safe, not make any waves and everything will be okay. For the most part, your logical side is right. Some of the most successful companies of our day did not make sense at their conception.

  • Facebook. There was a time when Facebook was considered an “over-priced bad investment.” Why you ask? Because there was a time they did not charge for ads, and when they did, they only showed on the desktop website (which was a problem since +80% of their visitors were mobile).
  • Uber. There was a time when parents would NEVER allow their children to ride with strangers. Now, it is a social norm. I mean, teenagers are getting in cars with young adults that no one has ever seen before and may never see again.
  • Match.com. Online dating use to be a punch-line. Even the ads use to broadcast the couples who married through their site, because people did not think you could find love online. It was considered the last resort for the socially awkward, but here we are today with thousands of people married from online relationships.

The point is, your logical side would have discouraged each of these business ventures. It would have told you, “that is not how things are done”. And logically, your mind would have been right. It is your passion, your obsession to create change in the world that pushes you to do the unthinkable.

Your logical side simply cannot see the possibilities. It is not a dreamer, it is safe and reasonable. Without emotion, there would be no innovation, no advancement, no growth; because logically speaking, change is risky and difficult to achieve (yet oh so worth it).

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