When You Need Some Extra Dads, Just Ask

To create change, the leadership at Dr. Billy Earle Dade Middle School in Dallas had to look at what “could be”, instead of “what is”.  If they were solely focused on “what is”, they would have cancelled the “Breakfast With Dads” soon after its conception.  The best way to believe something different than the way things are today is possible is to act as if it already happened.

More often than not, choosing to give up at the first sign of opposition is why most change does not occur.  If you can work through the difficulties, remaining focused on the outcome, you will find the stamina for the journey.  In addition, I have found people enjoy helping those who have some skin in the game.  You have to believe in what you are saying for others to consider believing in you.

When you are willing to leave your comfort zone and put your neck on the line, people will respond positively. 

Dade Middle wanted to put together a mentorship breakfast for some of their students.  They felt they needed an additional 50 men to volunteer as mentors for each child to have a father-figure.  They came up with the idea of putting a Facebook call to action together, but they did not expect the response they received.

As a result of their effort, over 600 men from all backgrounds, races, and religions showed up for the breakfast. 

The volunteers spent the morning doing everything from sharing life lessons with the students, to teaching them how to tie a tie.

“This morning by far exceeded all of my expectations!” said event volunteer Kristina Chaade. “Thank you to every single man that volunteered your time and gave a piece of yourself to these young men this morning! I am forever grateful!”

(WATCH the video below)

Answering the Call for Breakfast With Dads Event



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