What Does Fear Look Like In Your Organization’s Attitude?

overcome doubt, create your dream life, fear of failure

Have you ever worked with someone where the discussion was not about whether the glass was half-full or half-empty, it was completely empty for them? I know I have. Attitude plays a key role in the success of any organization, and our fears play a vital role in our attitude.

That person who comes up with a problem for your every solution is dealing with internal fears you may not be aware of.

Negative outlooks and an unwillingness to focus on the core functions of the company are all signs of a fear of inadequacy, a fear of losing control, and a fear of something bad happening.

If you want to build unity, eliminate negativity, and change the culture of your organization, you are going to need to tackle these fears.

In this episode, we discuss 4 techniques that are sure to improve your organization’s attitude.

1. You see what you look for

2. Share your vision

3. Do not chase crazy

4. Have fun


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