What is the one skill that, if you have it, will completely change your life?

There are many skills that can have an exponentially positive impact on your life, but Patience is a must. Whether you are working a 9–5, maintaining a professional or personal relationship, or starting a business; you need patience every step of the way.

Think of that one group project we all had in school. There was always the person who did little to no work, but you refused to let it affect your grade. This may have required you to complete their portion of the work. Your preference would be for the professor to ask them for their portion and find out they did not do anything. However, you knew that would lower the overall grade, so you showed patience. You did the necessary work, hoping there was an opportunity to let the professor know your teammate was not pulling their weight.

Instant gratification will provide you short-term satisfaction, but it will be at the expense of your long-term prosperity.

It is why people use the microwave, even though they know it removes most of the nutrients from their food. It is why the divorce rate is almost 50%, and why the Times Happiness Index never breaks the 30% range.

People lack patience and therefore, they find themselves either in relationships they should have never been in, or leaving relationships they should work through.

Patience will allow your mind to catch up to your emotions. You will be able to properly evaluate the situation, weigh the pros and cons, and see where your motivations lie.

Another word for patience is “long-suffering”. I like this word better because it describes exactly what it means to be patient. Patience is a willingness to endure the suffering because you are focused on the long-term reward. You know the path to where you want to be and you are not willing to allow anything to alter your path.

Stay focused on the long-term, do not allow the short-term to dictate your actions, and be willing to suffer long to achieve your goals.

Continued blessings,

Undre Griggs | Be More | Forecast Hope

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