The Only Way to Change Tomorrow is to Change Today

Lesson of Hope:

When it comes to your best, why wait another day? Whether your desire is to lose weight, be a better parent/spouse, or to cut an addiction; making it a priority today is the best way to ensure success tomorrow.

If you want to find a new job, you need to:

  1. Proper Training

    If you find out the preferred qualifications of the position ahead of time, you can start grooming your skill-set. Most advanced accounting positions prefer a CPA from their candidate. You can check the qualifications to sit for the exam and plan accordingly.

  2. Find City Position Is Located

    I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and a Master in Applied Economics. To increase my chance of becoming an Economist, I would need to live in cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, or Washington D.C. If I live in a state where few Economists are hired, I have significantly decrease my prospect of success.

  3. Networking

    You can attend events, seminars, and conferences with like-minded people. These events will be an excellent way to get your face in front of recruiters and hiring managers.

If your goal were to start a new business, you would have a different list of priorities.

  1. Find a Mentor

    Finding someone who is slightly ahead of you in his or her company is a great way to accelerate the learning curve. Their mistakes become your lessons and they can help you increase your growth ten-fold.

  2. Create a Business Plan

    Planning is not always fun, but it is good to allow your mind to visualize what you are trying to achieve. It is said a goal is not a goal until it is written down. I tend to agree with that thought.

  3. Hire People or Attain Training

    You do not have to be great at everything, but if you wanted to be, you would need to find adequate training. For example, marketing is the lifeline of your business. You can pay for classes on building a mail list or you can pay someone to do it. If you are creating a physical product, you can pay someone to design the cover, or you can pay for the program you need to design it yourself.

By offering your best today, you are constantly moving toward success. Even if your actions do not yield fruit immediately, the journey alone is a valuable lesson. Whether you learn something new or meet someone new, the impact can be enormous. At a minimum, you will have taken actionable steps towards your dream. You will have taken control of your life, and stopped reacting to events as they unfold. Do not wait for a better time, do not wait for someone to give you permission to pursue your purpose; go make it happen.


Hope in Action:

Procrastination Expert Chris Cooper is an accomplished author, coach, and speaker. He helps entrepreneurs and professionals stop quitting and unlock their potential. When he worked in his corporate job, he had three degrees and the six-figure income, but he was not happy. Even though his life from the outside looked perfect, he found the courage to chase fulfillment. Before making the transition to start his own consulting and coaching business, he invested heavily in himself. He went to conferences, workshops, read personal development books, and was coached by one of Tony Robinson’s coaches.

There is never the perfect time to make a change, but Cooper made it anyways. The difference between where you are and where you want to be requires action and resources. Take action and be willing to invest in the resources you need to create change.

HopeSeeker’s Forecast:

PONDER: Today is the best day to impact tomorrow. If you wait until tomorrow, it will be too late. CONNECT: What have you done today to change tomorrow? Are you investing in your growth? Are you striving to BE MORE? ACCOMPLISH: Choose one of long-term goals and create five short-term goals to help you achieve it. Complete one of your short-term goals this week.

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